Perfect bio - waste & power management

Perfect Bio -Waste & Power Management Pvt. Ltd.

(A Group Company of Perfect Gas Generators)

Electricity From
Cow Dung

Electricity From
Poultry Waste

Electricity From
Vegetable, Fruit & MS -

Organic Manure

Electricity From
Rice Husk/Wood
Briquettes/Rice Straw

Welcome to
Perfect Bio -Waste & Power Management Pvt. Ltd.

Perfect Bio-waste and Power Management Pvt Ltd. is a subsidiary of Perfect Gas Generators which came into existence in the year 1998. We take great pride in introducing ourselves as one of the oldest Organization involved in energy generation from Bio-Waste like cow-dung, poultry waste, vegetable and food waste, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), human and animal excreta and other renewable sources of energy. In the course of our existence, we have introduced several pilot projects that have been appreciated for their path-breaking designs, research and development. Today, we hold specialization in designing and manufacturing Gas Generators, Biogas Filtration Systems and Biogas Digesters under one umbrella. We also provide consultancy services for installation of Decentralized Bio-Gas Power Plants and Electricity from Bio-Waste recycling plants. Our emphasis as a socially responsible and conscious company lies on developing and promoting the use of products that contribute in building Sustainable Energy.

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Message from CEO

“Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's dream of making Indian villages 'Self-reliant', I took the challenge to reach the interiors of India and help our villages in converting their Bio-Waste into Electricity. Conversion of Bio-Waste into electricity and for thermal applications is a small effort towards reducing the Green House Gases, responsible for "Global Warming .”


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